Why Browser Specific Themes Could Be Your Website’s Downfall

There is currently no universal browser used by everybody browsing the internet, and there most likely never will be. People like choices, and nobody wants to be forced into using one browser over another. This freedom is not often seen as an issue in our everyday lives. However, this can end up being a lot more than a small bump in the road if you choose a WordPress theme that isn’t best viewed in all of the major browsers. One person may absolutely swear by Firefox, whereas another person may completely disdain it and only use Google Chrome for their daily browsing needs. If the WordPress theme you’ve decided on isn’t best viewed on all of the major browsers, there’s a good chance that one of these people won’t easily be able to view your website, and that’s not good news for either of you.

If the WordPress theme you’re deciding on allows for an absolutely wonderful experience using one browser, but a less than desirable experience in a different one, it’s not the theme you should be choosing. There are so many WordPress themes in existence and a good chunk of them allow for cross-browser compatibility. With this being the case, it’s completely insane to choose a theme that limits viewers based on the browser that they use. This basically just keeps you from reaching your website’s full potential and fanbase. If certain people can’t easily view your website, certain people can’t easily become fans of it. Not everybody is going to fall in love with the website you’ve created, but everybody should be given the ability to. Themes that aren’t cross-browser compatible could truly be the downfall of what would otherwise be an incredibly successful site, and that could lead to the downfall of what would otherwise be an incredibly successful you.

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