How Videos Will Help Your SEO Efforts

Videos can be intimidating to many bloggers. There’s something freeing about being able to work from your laptops or your home, and it makes sense that this type of freedom would attract many introverts. However, this shouldn’t scare you away from what video can do for you and your SEO effort both on and off your site. You don’t need special training, you don’t need special experience. Read on to learn how video can revolutionize your SEO efforts.

The first thing to understand is you don’t need to be a fancy expert or have major equipment. Most laptops automatically come with a webcam and at least very basic software that let you shoot a video of yourself straight from your laptop. There are also plenty of free YouTube tutorials on how to make videos using slide presentations via PowerPoint.

There are several reasons that videos are important. For one, having a library full of YouTube videos that each have a link back to your website creates some major SEO juice – especially since YouTube is owned by Google, something many people seem to keep forgetting. Building up a bunch of YouTube videos around the same topic is also a great way to build yourself up as an authority in your field – a move that helps every part of your online efforts.

A second reason for shooting videos is to have them on your blog. Time spent on site and bounce rate are two major SEO factors. By having videos that visitors click on and watch, your numbers are going to look much, much better on both accounts. These also count as outbound links to YouTube, which Google views as an authority site. This is yet another detail that helps with positive modern SEO.

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